Dr Michelle Lucas moves on

Michelle Lucas is moving on from her role as Executive Director of Opportunity Child, to focus on the collective impact movement in different social settings nationally and internationally.

As the founding ED of Opportunity Child Michelle has made an enormous impact and will be missed greatly.  However it is my hope that she remains a critical friend to OC in the future.

Through her absolute passion and commitment to the one in five vulnerable children of Australia, Michelle has done the heavy lifting to steer Opportunity Child to this point. In the short two and half-year life of Opportunity Child, so much has been achieved under her leadership.

News of her resignation will be tinged with sadness for many for whom Michelle has been the ever-present face of Opportunity Child and the community hopping mentor.

If, as Michael McAfee has said, we need to bring soul to the work of collective impact, then Michelle Lucas has demonstrated soul in spades, bringing expertise, enormous capacity and heart to the role of ED.

At OC Connect there was a palpable sense that Opportunity Child is at a great point in its journey. We are on the cusp of building a national movement for change to improve outcomes for the one in five children.

The Ten20 Foundation is the founding funder of Opportunity Child. Our unwavering vision is for a prosperous society where all children thrive in learning and life. To that end, we provide philanthropic funding to support the social innovation lab that is Opportunity Child.

We 100% support the governance and sustainability of Opportunity Child and we are working with the OC core team to continue the work that Michelle spearheaded.

Michelle’s last day will be 25 August and we’ll be working closely with communities and key partners to ensure an effective transition and knowledge translation. The important work of OC continues unabated.

I know you will all join me in wishing Michelle best wishes for this next stage in her life.

Seri Renkin
Managing Director, Ten20 Foundation

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