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Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive. Here at Opportunity Child* the collective impact work we do is solely directed towards giving every Australian child the best chance to thrive in learning and in life.

The approach we are taking is unique, because we use the power of collective impact —led by communities —to drive local and national innovation together.

Our six high-potential partner communities are places where many children are developmentally vulnerable, but where collective impact is already alive and well.

Go Goldfields is a Central Goldfields (Victoria) community working together towards a positive future. Sharon Fraser is Director at Go Goldfields (GG) and gives a snapshot of how GG is working to create and deliver locally relevant responses to social issues that are too complex and too long-term for previous solutions.

“Here at Go Goldfields, we believe that we will have achieved our desired outcomes when:
• Our children are loved and safe
• Family violence is unacceptable in our community
• Everyone can earn, learn and achieve

We work in ways that:
• Test and learn about collective impact in an Australian rural setting
• Develop, support and promote adaptive leadership to help build and sustain the work
• Share power with the community, including those with lived experience of
the issues we face
• Underpin the work with best available evidence

Our work is understood and driven locally. For example we have a Family Violence Expert Reference Group — a group of up to 12 women with lived experience of family violence who come together to co-design, co-implement and co-evaluate,” Sharon said.

“We also co-convene a collective of collectives of rural communities across Victoria working together to change the lives of children across those communities.”

Sharon says the work at Go Goldfields is used to inform state and national practice, and has been showcased internationally at a recent UN presentation.

Go Goldfields logo*Opportunity Child is a tight collection of partner communities, organisations and a learning network.
By working with communities and bringing people, organisations and communities together, we’re disrupting the old ways of thinking. We’re working together to solve large and complex problems that cannot be solved by working alone.

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