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True collaborative contribution to national review

Adaptive, agile, a shared responsibility for reaching a common goal…these requirements of successful collaboration were crucial to a recent joint submission to the Productivity Commission…

Counting down days to OC Connect

Opportunity Child is humming with the energy our communities, core team and our partner agencies are generating.

OC Connect will be held next week and we’re working hard with our team of codesigners from across our national collective, to add the final touches.

Michelle Lucas photo

‘A life-changing ensemble’

Our Executive Director, Dr Michelle Lucas, was recently featured as ‘Changemaker of the Week’ on the Pro Bono Australia website, in an interview that outlined what inspires and challenges her, what drew her to the social sector, and why collective impact is a valuable method in addressing complex social challenges.

Today, we need to celebrate the beautiful children

On National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day, we are calling out the need to work towards a more inclusive, caring and loving nation that strongly supports all children, families and communities – because, as the theme for Children’s Day 2016 says: ‘My country, our country, we all belong’.

Opportunity Child condemns detention centre abuse in Northern Territory

Following the horrible revelations around the abuse of teenagers at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in Darwin, the Opportunity Child collective stands together in strongly condemning the system that allows this abuse to occur.

We need a new approach to addressing child vulnerability

The latest round of results from the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) have clearly shown that despite years of funding into the sector and continued sustained effort from service providers and people working in communities, one in five children is still recognised as developmentally vulnerable.